Bitcoin Solutions You Can Count On To

Bitcoin has been the subject of much increasing attention in recent years. Part of the hype is, of course, due to the extremely high rises that the cryptocurrency has experienced since then. If you had invested 200 kroner in bitcoin in May 2010, you would have been able to withdraw 900 million kroner ten years later. Yes, 900 million.

The rapid Increase

The increases were strongest in the beginning, but in 2019 alone bitcoin increased 87% – albeit with wild turns along the way. Millions of new investors are entering the market these years and the interest in buying bitcoins is higher than ever before. With Neuer Capital you can expect the best option now.

  • For new cryptocurrency investors, it is easiest to buy bitcoin on contract, and thus speculate in price developments. For this you can use the trading platform Markets, which is a regulated broker under EU law. Here it is simple to follow the bitcoin price and thus follow the ups and downs in the market value. It takes five minutes to set up, and then a few more minutes to transfer money. Then you are up and running and you can immediately enter the bitcoin market.
  • Bitcoin is traded on a wide range of platforms worldwide. One of the platforms that comply with EU-based financial legislation is, as mentioned, the Markets platform . It provides some certainty that the platform is approved in the EU, and this is not the case on most other platforms where one can speculate in cryptocurrency.

You will always be able to switch between a demo account and a real account later by clicking back and forth between your accounts, which are called “CFD Real” and “CFD Demo” in the upper right corner of the screen when you are logged in. So it is not so crucial what you choose in the first place. If you want to try it all out a bit, it makes good sense to start with the demo account.


You will then be asked to fill in some simple information and answer some questions, and if you want to shop for real money, you will need to transfer money via credit card. Once that is done, you are ready to invest, in bitcoin or in some of the other products one can buy on the platform.

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