Can you have more casino wins with a positive attitude?

Having a positive mindset is one of the best ways to get through life. Always look on the bright side, think the best of people, meet adversity with a smile and believe that things will turn out for the best. If you can maintain this kind of positive attitude, you’ll enjoy life more, have more friends, and have a better chance at good health and getting things done.

Some people think that positive thinking is even more powerful. According to this theory, a belief in things going well increases the likelihood that they actually will go well. To some extent that is probably true.

Better odds

If you assume from the start that you’re going to fail then you may consciously or unconsciously hobble your efforts. Why waste effort when you know you won’t succeed? Conversely a positive approach – one that is relaxed and confident and not hampered by doubts or anxiety – can only increase your chances of success.

So can a positive attitude improve the odds on winning at the casino? The important thing to remember here is that whether you’re gambling on the Vegas Strip or at an NJ online casino, where you can win real money playing a full range of table games and slots, most casino games are purely based on chance. With a few notable exceptions such as poker and blackjack, everyone has an equal chance of winning or losing every time they sit down to play.

Greater enjoyment

 Scientifically, your mindset will not affect the results from a slot machine or a game of pure chance one way or another. These are completely random. However, having a positive and realistic mindset will mean you enjoy playing more and it may actually seem like you are winning more because you are less concerned about your losses.

Someone with a negative attitude to casino gaming feels personally cheated whenever they lose. They remember each loss as a failure or an affront and tend to disregard their small wins because they don’t fit their worldview. They feel like they are entitled to win big, but “know” this won’t happen because “the universe hates them”.

Feel lucky

 Someone with a positive attitude may have the same number of wins and losses, but they are playing for the sheer enjoyment of doing so. They know that in the end the house always wins, and that their losses are just the cost of a fun night out. Every time they get some money back it’s a bonus. They remember their small wins as the highlight of their night and go home feeling lucky.

The conclusion is that a positive attitude will help you to know when to quit and will help you to manage your money better. In a game requiring clear judgment, like poker, a cool, dispassionate mindset will stop you making rash decisions that could negatively impact your game. Here a positive attitude is essential, because anxious, angry thinking will lead to mistakes and big losses.

Stay positive and have fun. Losing sometimes is part of the game, but be sure to celebrate each win, no matter how small. Luck is just luck, but positivity can change your life.

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