How to know if Record Storage Systems are a Great Solution?

Have you ever faced the pile of documents on your desk and thought to yourself – What have I done to myself?

If you’re an owner or a manager, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find something you need right away. This is why people hire others to take care of their pile of docs and always know where something is.

In the world of modernization, this job is done perfectly by individual companies whose only job is to take care of your business documentation. You’ve probably already heard about the record storage in Charlotte, NC if you live and work in the city or the surrounding area.

They are excellent in storing, maintaining, scanning, and when it is needed – shredding your documents. It is an all-in-one place to help you run your business smoothly and without frustration.

In this article, we’re going to go over the details about what a good document storage company is, and can Record Storage keep up to the required level. Keep on reading if you want to learn more details about this!

A great storage company has space – a lot of it!

A great storage facility is going to have a lot of space to keep your docs. Since their job is to keep, maintain, and operate these items, you’re probably not going to be the only firm there. That’s why it’s crucial to have a lot of space, and not allow items to be mixed and lost.

The company we’re talking about has a room of 133,000 square feet, which is – a lot. Lots of businesses can be easily placed on the shelves inside. The employees can find what they need at all times because there’s enough room for everything they need there.


One of the greatest concerns of all businesses is whether their documents are safe. It doesn’t matter if they opted for a professional storage firm, or keep them in their own office. When there a tornado, flooding, earthquake, or whatever it may be, the documents must be safe.

These guys have undertaken some serious measures to make sure that your investment stays intact by all means. Their facilities are placed in a low-crime area that is a no-flood zone. The walls are made of 6-inch precast ribbed concrete, which is additionally reinforced by steel. There’s no tearing down of this structure.

The team has regular pest and insect control to prevent anything that might harm the documents stored inside. They also have a ton of overseeing items and human control that monitors the place 24/7. You can say that is better protected than the Pentagon itself. See the official governmental standards for such facilities on this link here.

Fast document locating and service

If you outsource the documents to an entirely different place, you’re actually risking having a particular document on your desk immediately. At least this is what most people say when they are trying to explain why are they against outsourcing the issue.

This may be true in some other cases, but it’s not the case here. Why? Because there is a document management system that’s flawless. All documents are being scanned and stored in a database that can’t be breached.

Whenever you need a document, you’ll have it easily accessible in the database provided by them. There are tons of solutions that you can choose from with this company. You can scan by demand, as you send them documents, and a ton of other solutions too. It’s for you to choose what you need.

Have a shredding option

One of the worst experiences employees have in large firms with tons of documents, is when they need to get rid of them. The shredding can take so much time. It needs to be done properly as well. Some particular rules and requirements must be followed to make sure nothing’s available for those that might be interested in rearranging them.

A great company will have their own, safe, and dedicated shredding offer. They will have trained personnel to do this job, and they will follow all shredding standards. Record covers everything that we mentioned, and they’ll be happy to get rid of the unnecessary docs that you don’t need anymore. Check out this link to learn why shredding is crucial for businesses:

Won’t charge more than you would pay to your employees

When a business owner or a manager decides to outsource this issue, the first thing they are going to ask themselves is whether it is affordable? Is there value for the money?

Some companies will charge a ton of money for their services. If the business is not huge, then there will be no justification to dedicate this job to them. However, serious storage firms will offer a plan for everyone.

That’s exactly what these guys have to offer. They have various options and plans for everyone to fit inside. Whatever it is that you might be looking for, you’re going to find it there. The endpoint is to be sure that you’re saving by outsourcing. If you compare paying your employees for the job and take away from their working time, you’ll see that it is always a better idea to outsource.

How to know if Record Storage Systems are a Great Solution?

Final words

These few points show you how important it is to outsource the problem. You get to save a ton of space, it’s more affordable, and it’s safer by far and without comparison. The most important thing here is also that there are tons of other smaller solutions and offers that we didn’t cover here.

What we did cover are the crucial features every storage company must have. If you come across one that isn’t able to fulfill some of these, then you’re talking to the wrong firm for storing docs.

Make sure you’re doing thorough research before you decide to hire someone out there. Storing and keeping documents is a serious business that accepts no failure. Only the best should be considered.

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