In August 2014, Cameron designed a new model of the aromantic satisfaction flag, which features five horizontal stripes of different colors. Later in 2014, Cameron determined to alter the yellow stripe to white. Another flag design was proposed in 2014 by Cameron, maintaining the inexperienced and yellow; however, introducing more of a gradient design, with two barely different shades of inexperienced and preceding the black stripe with a stripe of gray. The two greens signify the aromantic spectrum, the yellow represents spiritual love and relationships, and the grey and black stripes characterize the sexuality spectrum, representing aromantics of all sexual orientations. This design featured horizontal stripes in inexperienced, yellow, orange, and black.

As stated in Cameron’s clarification, this flag design is explicitly meant for your entire aromantic umbrella, including gray romantic, demiromantics, with romantics, and more. This design is used within the graphic design for the aromantic forum Apocalypse, the aromantic advocacy site AUREA, and aromantic-official. Displaying help for first responders is fine but altering the colors or design of the flag is a violation of U.S. Black, gray, white, and purple, the four colors in the Asexual flag, stand for asexuality, asexuality and demisexuality, non-asexual companions, and allies and the group, respectively. Minus the gray, those colors have quite a lot of symbolism to us and our tradition (I think it’s the one flag of its form with these colors, so anyplace you go, you already know it’s Jamaica).

Gained probably the most recognition as a flag for the aromantic group. This Aromantic Flag (Green, yellow, orange, and black – Aromantic. Presently, the most popular design is with two shades of inexperienced, white, grey, and black. But if you happen to see inexperienced, grey, white, and black, it could both be agender or aromantic if the third flag is used. The oldest aromantic flag design was proposed sometime during aromantic flag or earlier than 2011 via the now-defunct webpage of the National Coalition for Aromantic Visibility. Before this aromantic pleasure flag became fashionable, two different flag designs were proposed. Aromantic people typically don’t feel romantic attraction to others, implying they don’t want to have a romantic relationship with someone acts with others.

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