Procedure to save bets in online roulette game

If you are a roulette lover but want to save bets so that you can continue it later on then you have to play it online. Only the online service is the only thing which will be going to help you out in making this possible.

 All you need to do is follow the steps which you will get to know later in the article. If you are new then this might get tough in the beginning but you will get to understand it eventually.

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So make sure to find the right software first because not all of them will grant you this magical feature.


  1. Software- The very first thing you need to do is find the right software for it because not every software will allow or grant you to do this.
  2. Expert mode- There will be an expert mode in the software as you need to access that because that will be going to help you.
  3. Edit- There will be a edit button which you need to press and that will be going to help you in selecting the amount of bet you want to save.
  4. Enter phone number- At last you need to enter the phone number as it is for the verification because they want to know it is not a robot.

Better edge

  1. Specific pattern- It will allow you to have the specific pattern every time you play the game so you should try it on.
  2. Easy to use- The procedure is really simple as you need to do nothing in this case. Also on the other hand you will get to know how useful is this.
  3. Saves time- It helps in saving time too as you do not need to decide the pattern every time as it can be kept saved.

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