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Nevertheless, the true Haibara arrives on the pier and is narrowly saved from dying by Rachael’s well-timed look. Conan reveals to Vermouth he has a covert listening device on him that may ship all the things that turned into stated to the authorities inside the event of his death. Conan awakens to discover that the device has been destroyed and no evidence of the Black Organization remains. There, she turns into caught in a battle of dreams with lady kale, who’s also looking for the Crown Jewel. When the Jewel Riders have their fortunes read, a darkish future is revealed to Gwenevere that tells of the fall of the crystal palace and the upward push of Morgana to rule Avalon. Within the caravan are Fallon’s parents, who disapprove of her being a jewel rider, leading Fallon to hate Gwen for forcing her to see them once more.

Elsewhere, Haibara is picked up by Jodie while they’re stalked by Dr. Araide. Jodie confronts Araide https://anime-stickers.com/ on the pier, who reveals that he is Vermouth in disguise. Conan and Haibara, along with the opposite Detective Kids, are strolling house from college and discussing the previous occasion. Meanwhile, Ran and Sonoko visit Jodie, who is inside the sanatorium recovering from her injury. Vermouth uses sleeping fuel on Conan and tells him she will put off her plan to murder Haibara for now. Jodie explains to Ran and Sonoko that she is an FBI agent and tells them a makeshift story to cover the fact that Haibara’s life is in danger. Jodie realizes how she feels and needs her good luck.

After hearing these phrases, Ai ran from Jodie and said she had determined to reject the witness safety program. Afterward, Jodie’s superior is available in they usually discuss getting Haibara in the witness safety program. Haibara is revealed to be Conan in disguise, and he attempts to subdue Vermouth. Eventually, the boys ask Ayumi if he is afraid, but she responds with the adverse: he knows that Conan and the others will always be with him. As Ayumi left the rest to go home, she ran into the Phantom Killer; however, with many witnesses around, he fled the scene. Ayumi wants to see up close the three suspects; however, it isn’t really helpful for her due to possible revenge from the offender in the case had been launched for lack of proof.

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