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Many people will enjoy Megastar Chiranjeevi movies at the apex, from head to toe, they won’t find words to express their interest in megastar movies. Watch the AlludaMajaka movie online and experience Chiranjeevi’s action and dance performance.

Majority Telugu and few non-Telugu audiences follow and enjoy Megastar Chiranjeevi’s expressions, dance style, mannerism, way of acting, and, at most, his characteristic nature, including prior importance to the family members, friends, and relatives. They are helping the needy.

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Here your online search ends by finding the action-comedy by Chiranjeev movie on Aha OTT. You can find the old evergreen movies that can prove the proverb ‘old is gold’. It crossed 25 years from the release of the AlludaMajaka movie in Telugu.

Post lockdown is the best time to rewind your old memories, hidden for the Movie ”AlludaMajaka”, directed by humorous director EVV Satyanarayana. EVV is one of the topmost Directors of Tollywood with comedy and family story based mark movies.

  1. Starring: Megastar Chiranjeevi, Ramya Krishna, Rambha
  2. Director: EVV. Satyanarayana
  3. Producer: Devi Vara prasad
  4. Music director: Koti
  5. Genre: Comedy Action
  6. Language: Telugu
  7. Format: Streaming online videos
  8. Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices
  9. Available on: Desktop, laptop, tablet, android devices or iOS and smart TVs
  10. Where to watch online: Aha OTT
  11. Released on: 25 February 1995.

Watch super hit movie Alludamajaka online now on Aha OTT

Sitaram (Chiranjeevi) was the son of the Panchayat President. Sitaram’s family was victimized by Vasundara (Lakshmi) and Peddaiah (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Shiva, son of peddaiah, was asked to marry the Puppy (Ramya Krishna), the elder daughter of Vasundhara that is Ramya Krishna, but Shiva was interested in Sitaram’s sister Mlleshwari who was a traditional Indian woman.

Greedy peddaiah accepts marriage only when they give the Granite land of coolies as dowry to Shiva. Sitaram’s father rejects this proposal and cancels the wedding.

Vasundhara made a deal with Peddaih and stole the land of Sitaram. Meanwhile, Shiva’s marriage was fixed with Puppy without his knowledge. A rumor was created that Malleshwari was pregnant by Shiva. Knowing this, Sitaram’s father attempts suicide.

Then Malleshwari and Sitaram went to the city to meet Shiva. But a murder case was filed against Sitaram, got arrested and sentenced for death.

Watch AlludaMajaka movie online at Aha OTT, to know what happened further, how did the villains Vasundhara and Peddaih get punished? How did the hero console himself and his sister!

Top 5 reasons to watch a movie

  1. The movie is message-oriented that ”love is far greater than materialistic pleasures.”
  2. Movie engaged the mass audiences till the end with curiosity
  3. With popular songs including “Athoathammakuthuro”, “Maa vooridevuduandalaramudu,” “ChinnaPapakemo” and others.
  4. EVV mark comedy
  5. Lakshmi’s action as a lady villain.

You need to
watch AlludaMajaka movie online. It’s the best time to add it to your Movie watchlist. Believe it!

The movie AlludaMajaka was produced by Devi Vara Prasad. He was a producer for many Chiranjeevi films. Are played their role in this movie. Popular actresses Ramya Krishna and Ramba, who played the lead roles in the film, have magical and competitive onscreen chemistry with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Their combination was a never before one.

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